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About Camerise

Conceived as a community-driven project, Camerise aims to be a user-centred digital platform designed to bring together students, educators, administrators, parents, and FSL organisations in order to support intersectorial collaboration.  The goal is to address systemic challenges together and find solutions that will facilitate access to FSL programs across the country in order to sustain Canadian bilingualism.

Camerise is piloted by York University’s Glendon College and supported by a grant from Canadian Heritage and the Ontario Ministry of Education. 

In our first year, we thoroughly consulted the FSL community and teachers expressed a need for quick and reliable access to resources, given that there is a myriad of resources scattered around the internet. Therefore, we started with the creation of a database that allows you to:
            – browse through the growing collection of resources
          –  provide reviews and comments about resources
            – add, organize, share your preferred resources

In our second year, we are eager to have the FSL community participate in developing the next phase of Camerise platform. We are planning to add more functionalities that support collaboration such as : match-making tools; possibilities to co-create and adapt lesson plans; discussion forums;  opportunities to find relevant conferences, professional development events, research collaborations, and many others.

Click here for a short guide to searching, sharing and submitting a resource on Camerise

If you have any questions about Camerise or wish to get involved, please contact us at info@camerisefsl.ca or visit our Feedback Page.

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