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Who We Are 

CAMERISE is an initiative originally driven by a team at York University’s Glendon Campus.

Camerise, or haskap in English, is a small and super nutritious berry with a subtle and complex flavour. They grow in clusters and can be eaten fresh or made into a variety of desserts. The plant is very hardy and flourishes in North American climates.

This delicious small fruit represents the vision of our hub project for French as a second language in Canada: to offer students, educators, researchers, and administrators a space to collaborate for the sustainability of FSL/FLA-teaching programs in Canada.

Our objective is to ensure all FSL/FLA stakeholders in Canada have access to inclusive and engaging open educational resources and collaborative tools as well as the support they need to reach their full potential as bilingual or plurilingual Canadians.

Come to our hub and enjoy the contributions from FSL/FLA stakeholders’, help nourish the transformation of the field with your energy, and be part of an ever blossoming community of practice.

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Our Values

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Resources curated by the Camerise Community

Camerise Initiatives realized and in progress

Stakeholders who are creating change

grow and create change

Grow and Create Change

Discover ways to learn more and get involved in initiatives supporting leadership, growth and change in FSL/FLA.

connect and cocreate

Connect and Co-Create

Camerise provides all FSL/FLA stakeholders with the ability to connect, discuss and develop professional and personal networks that foster an inclusive community of contributors, evaluators and reflexive practitioners, together engaged in improving FSL/FLA education.

explore repository

Explore the Repository

There are several ways you can find teaching and learning resources on Camerise:

●    Search from the search bar on the home page, using the dropdown menus to further refine your results by subject, program, or education level.

●    Browse resources by scrolling through the collection on the home page, then perform a keyword search or use the dropdown menus to narrow your results.

●    Share a collection of your favourite resources with others by selecting Save to board then sharing a link to your board.

how to use

How to Use Camerise

Camerise is an initiative run by a group of teachers and professors from across Canada who are looking to encourage French language learners and teachers.

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