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L’arbre qui voulait être entendu – Fiche pédagogique

La ressource s’adresse au personnel enseignant qui cherche à exploiter le livre de façon pédagogique en classe avec leurs élèves, individuellement ou en groupe. Par exemple : – examiner des éléments clés de la page couverture; – bâtir un mur de mots liés aux arbres; – discuter de l’intendance environnementale, des saisons et de la […]

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Engagement or Despondence? Ontario Middle-School Core French Teachers’ Perceptions of and Experiences with the 2013 Ontario French as a Second Language Curriculum

This resource looks at the implementation of the revised Ontario French as a Second Language curriculum in 2014. It brings in perspectives of FSL teachers and sheds light on how some aspects of the curriculum are in satisfactory to students – in core, immersion, extended programs – learning abilities. It also explores how there should […]

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Qu’est-ce que le virus de la COVID-19?

Resource created to bring awareness to the COVID virus among indigenous students, age 4 to 7, but also applies to every student. Student will learn how to protect him or herself through fun activities. Save to Board […]

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Welcoming ELL into FSL Programs

The speaker talks about research studies related to ELL students in FSL and shares research evidence (p. 8 of the document) that supports the participation of ELL students in FSL studies. Podcast duration 12:15, and companion book. See also: https://transformingfsl.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Welcoming-English-Language-Learners-into-French-as-a-Second-Language-Programs-Presentation-1.pdf Save to Board […]

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Special education and inclusion in FSL programs

This is a guide for parents who may be concerned that their child learns differently and whether the French programs available (French Immersion, Extended French and Core French) are suitable to them. The process of working with the In School Support Team of psycho-educational experts in order to identify the student’s challenges and how to […]

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Second Language Teaching Resources – ETFO

The website includes a variety of links and resources, that include historical perspectives, anti-art racism resources, the language of circle and the power of story, equity for educators, Ontario Teacher Federation planning materials, French dialects, pronunciation guides, and more. The information presented offers resources for occasional teachers but also offers information for teachers who are […]

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Recycler pour mieux reconstruire – Le monde magique de Lorenzo

This sheet offers an activity aimed at getting children to be creative using recyclable materials to improve an object or invent a new object. To do after watching the Un croissant avec ça, La fuite d’eau et Le déchet créatif episodes from Le monde magique de Lorenzo series (each video is 7mins) Save to Board […]

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