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Canadian FSL Teacher Candidate Beliefs about Students with Learning Difficulties

Through the lens of critical theory, and with consideration of research on the beliefs of teacher candidates and inclusion, this study considers the views of French Second Language pre-service teachers toward students with learning difficulties. This study reports on the results of two questionnaires, implemented prior to and following the participants’ classroom practicum experiences, as […]

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Canadian Parents for French – Heritage Canada

CPF – Canadian Parents for French is primarily designed with the needs of parents in mind, but is a comprehensive portal that links to external resources, and promotes the advocacy and acquisition of French in a Canadian learning context. Designed to give parents of children learning French resources, there are different levels of involvement that […]

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Centre de la Francophonie des Amériques

LA FRANCOPHONIE DES AMERIQUES Le Centre de la francophonie des Amériques est né de la volonté du Québec de jouer un rôle de leader afin de solidifier les liens entre les communautés francophones du continent pour bâtir une francophonie plus solidaire, plus forte, plus inclusive et plus riche, une francophonie vivante, plurielle, engagée et innovante. […]

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C’est quoi la biodiversité ?

This video explains what is biodiversity and why it’s important to protect it. After viewing this capsule, children could create or illustrate one of the forms of biodiversity they know. Save to Board […]

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Africa2020 : sélection de ressources

A combination of subject content, film, music, and the arts aiming to educate French Immersion learners from age 9 to 19, as well as intermediate and secondary Core French students. They are up to date, culture rich primary resources that will help the learner understand and value the African diversity. (Grades 3 -8) Mathématiques, arts […]

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ACCESSING OPPORTUNITY / A study on challenges in French-as-a-second-language education teacher supply and demand in Canada.

One of the main responsibilities of the Commissioner of Official Languages of Canada (the Commissioner) is to promote linguistic duality in Canadian society. To help meet this responsibility, the Commissioner raises Canadians’ awareness of the benefits of linguistic duality and carries out research, studies and public awareness activities to help inform all Canadians of the […]

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