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l’Histoire des Noirs au Canada

Qui sait que l’histoire des Canadiens noirs s’étend sur quatre cents ans et englobe l’esclavage, son abolition, les débuts de la colonisation, la croissance urbaine, la ségrégation, le mouvement des droits civiques et une participation de longue date à la vie sociale? — Lawrence Hill Ces ressources visent à améliorer la pensée critique des apprenants […]

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L’OIF en chiffres

This lesson plan allows students to enrich their knowledge of l’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie through various activities (video: 4mins 18sec). These activities will push students to practice their French comprehension and presentation skills by creating an oral presentation that focusses on and promotes one of the organization’s objectives. Save to Board […]

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This website offers resources for several subjects, games, quizzes, a real wealth of activities and assessments that will help teachers, parents and students. Lumni est la nouvelle offre de l’audiovisuel public au service de l’éducation pour les élèves, les enseignants et les éducateurs et qui regroupe tous les acteurs de l’audiovisuel public. Cette offre éducative […]

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Français L’actualité pour les jeunes propulsée par Radio-Canada vers les plateformes numériques comme YouTube et Instagram. Il y a des contenus drôles et sérieux, tous afin d’amorcer des discussions sur l’actualité English A news platform for young people supported by Radio-Canada using digital platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. There is funny and serious content […]

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Mini TFO Kids / Flip TFO, Plus TFO, Idello

Educational French language videos, films and TV shows for kids, youth and adults based on Canada’s francophonie. Also quality educational certified content for students, parents and teachers from K-12. TFO provides educational content in French for children, teens and adults in four different categories. Mini TFO offers educational videos, cartoons, animated films, TV shows for […]

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La naissance de la Francophonie

This lesson plan explains to the class how the Francophonie, as an organization, was formed through various activities. (Audio: 2min 40sec). These activities will teach students to locate important details within an institutional context and understand the purpose of La Francophonie. Save to Board […]

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Le mode de vie des Autochtones

These resources will help the learner better understand the FNMI way of life. The activities are age/grade appropriate for learners from Grade 3 to 12.Several resources, in French, that will the learner understand the FNMI. The video La légende du canot d’écorce has sub-titles and is suitable for Grades 3 to 6, along with the […]

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Ici-Radio Canada / Radio Canada (French Station)

Ici-Radio Canada is a comprehensive website that includes French programming and radio covering a variety of topics, from news, to politics, sports, entertainment, economics and more. The website can be utilized by a variety of stakeholders and for educational purposes. Ici-Radio Canada is the official radio station of the CBC in French, particularly geared towards […]

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