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Quality Learning in French Second Language in New Brunswick

This paper seeks to understand how students in a French as a Second Language program can utilize their skills even after they graduate from high school. It specifically looks at a study done in New Brunswick on how their language programs differ from other provinces and what target goals they are meeting to ensure that […]

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Life after French Immersion: expectations, motivations, and outcomes of secondary school french immersion programs in the greater Toronto area (English)

A dissertation that explores French Immersion education from three perspectives: parents enrolling their children into early FI programs; current FI students who have pursued FI to grade 12; and graduates of FI programs in Ontario. The findings of the research found that parents of FI students believed their child would become bilingual because of their […]

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Diversité sexuelle et de genre

This resource aims to prepare learners to become human rights advocates through reflection, conscientiousness, and action. Students become familiarized with the Declaration of Human Rights and the Canadian Chart of Rights and Freedom, learn to connect the documents’ goals to real life, become critical of reality, begin to seek ways to change injustices. Save to […]

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This learning unit explores how poverty, itinerance, violence, etc. are a reality in the lives of many Canadian women, especially indigenous women. The author suggests it can be taught from grade 7 to 12, and the learning unit comprehends 3 lessons of 60 minutes each. Save to Board […]

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