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Storybooks Canada

Fantastic collection of stories for use by teachers. The stories are available in English, French and many other languages and it’s easy to switch from one language to another. You can also have the story read aloud in many languages. A great way to compare languages. Note that there are collections of African and Indigenous […]

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Ask Me Anything: Technology in the FSL classroom

This video shows the final webinar in an online series of Ask me Anything discussions between in-service FSL teachers and experts and FSL teacher candidates from two Ontario Faculties of Education. This webinar series is a pilot project inspired by data collected in a larger three-year project called “FSL Teacher Recruitment and Retention” led by […]

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Ask me Anything: French Immersion

This is the third session in an online webinar series launched in response to data collected in a larger 3-year study on FSL Recruitment and Retention conducted by Dr. Stephanie Arnott and Dr. Mimi Masson at the University of Ottawa and Dr. Muriel Peguret and Dr. Gail Prasad at York University. This panel features 3 […]

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Les cartes d’exercices pour l’activité physique indépendante

Ces cartes d’activités sont excellentes pour les cours d’éducation physique de juniors, intermédiaires et supérieurs. Avec des activités différentes pour chaque carte, les étudiants peuvent utiliser ces cartes pour être plus actives. C’est une bonne façon de faire un parti d’un cours d’éducation physique. Save to Board […]

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Exercise Cards for Individual Physical Activity

This resource is a great way to keep students active independently in the Physical Education Environment. By cutting out the cards, students can read their particular exercise. This is designed for Junior, Intermediate and Senior students as they can use this independently or in small groups. This can be used as a warm up, cool […]

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An Annotated Bibliography of Resources for Teachers

This annotated bibliography is designed for Teachers to support them on their placements. In education, planning can take a great deal of time and often Teachers are spending too much time creating lessons from scratch. These resources are designed to help these Educators understand the readily available resources that can support their students. These resources […]

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Guide to remote learning for students with special education needs

This guide addresses strategies to support students with special needs as they navigate online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recommendations are made to help students, families, general education teachers, special education teachers, administrators, and school boards navigate the new challenges. Save to Board […]

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Remote learning for students with special education needs: Educator tip sheet

This tip sheet provides strategies for educators on how to support students with special needs during online instruction. Tier 1 addresses how to encourage engagement, representation, and effective structuring of time/activities. Tiers 2 and 3 divide instructional tips into synchronous and asynchronous models of teaching. Each of these two sections also provides behavioural, communicational, intellectual, […]

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Guide d’apprentissage à distance pour les élèves ayant des besoins particuliers

Ce guide traite des stratégies visant à soutenir les élèves ayant des besoins particuliers dans leur apprentissage en ligne pendant la pandémie de COVID-19. Des recommandations sont fournies pour aider ces élèves, leurs familles, les enseignants, le personnel spécialisé, les administrateurs et les conseils scolaires à relever les nouveaux défis et à réussir. Save to […]

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