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Intercultural Competence in FSL: A Teacher Practical Collaboration Envisioning a Change of Action in French Teaching and Learning

This course aims to promote a better understanding of the role of interculturality in FSL teaching and learning. The content is structured around widely recognised theoretical concepts and proposes practical applications. While the course is geared primarily towards FSL teachers in Ontario, the content can benefit language educators everywhere. Save to Board […]

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A Continuum of Considerations for Leaders in FSL Programs

This continuum is a tool to guide leaders in French as a Second Language (FSL) programs. It can be used to determine strengths and next steps to overcome systemic barriers in FSL in various contexts. There are also resources listed to support growth within each component. Cette ressource est placée sous la licence Creative Commons […]

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L’arbre qui voulait être entendu – Fiche pédagogique

La ressource s’adresse au personnel enseignant qui cherche à exploiter le livre de façon pédagogique en classe avec leurs élèves, individuellement ou en groupe. Par exemple : – examiner des éléments clés de la page couverture; – bâtir un mur de mots liés aux arbres; – discuter de l’intendance environnementale, des saisons et de la […]

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Les Accents

Through the exploration of French and English accents in Canada and around the world, students engage in insightful discussions, learn vocabulary and phrases to navigate misunderstandings in conversation, and create posters advocating for linguistic equality. Save to Board […]

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