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LINCDIRE – LINguisitc and Cultural Diversity REinvented

This website offers resources tools to strengthen linguistic and cultural awareness and to foster plurilingualism in North America. The site also includes a digital environment called Language Integration through E-portfolio (LITE) to help promote learning of languages/cultures as well as to promote reflection about one’s own identity . The site presents both theory and practice […]

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Texts in French Featuring BIPOC For French as a Second Language Classes

We hope this slideshow will help you find texts that you can use in French as Second Language classrooms that feature BIPOC doing ordinary & extraordinary things, as well as texts that help in addressing colonialism, racism, and other oppressions. Accessibility Tips — Music Videos Featuring BIPOC — Colonialism/anti-colonialism/Environment/Migration — Racism/Anti-Racism/Feminism/Movements/Experiences with Migration — Featuring […]

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PEPELF – Le Portfolio européen pour les enseignants en langues en formation initiale

Le Portfolio européen pour les enseignants en langues en formation initiale (PEPELF) est un document destiné aux étudiants qui entrent en formation initiale d’enseignant. Il les invite à réfléchir aux connaissances didactiques et savoir-faire nécessaires pour enseigner les langues vivantes, les aide à évaluer leurs propres compétences didactiques, leur permet de suivre de près leurs […]

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Math Central

A website for Math learners of all ages created and maintained by professors Emeritus at the University of Regina’s Math Department. This site is available in English, French or Spanish and aims to address any math question from the K-12 curriculum and beyond the classroom. Math Central is an online service for math teachers and […]

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Flipgrid is a website and app that allows teachers to facilitate video discussions. Students are organized into groups, then given access to discussion topics. The topic space serves as an interactive message board where teachers can pose questions and students can post video responses that appear in a tiled grid display. Try using Flipgrid to […]

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French Children’s Stories retold by the Fable Cottage

“The stories of “The Three Little Pigs”, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and “Little Red Riding Hood” translated into French and read along audio available by a native French speaker.” “Some well-known children’s stories translated into French and spoken by a native French speaker. Great for kids… and adults too! Read along in French or […]

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