La Francophonie dans le monde

This is a lesson plan that explores the geography and history of different regions in la Francophonie. This is a 45-60 minute lesson plan that explores the geography and history of different regions in la Francophonie. It contains links to all the audio and video files necessary for the activities. It can be downloaded as […]

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HOW TO ENGAGE STUDENTS IN ZOOM AND TEACH EFFECTIVELY AT A DISTANCE / 2020 State of Engagement Report. Creating engaging learning experiences in traditional or digital classroom environments.

Two resources about student engagement in person and online. The podcast is 11 minutes long. The podcast: Aaron Johnson is Associate Dean of Educational Technology at Denver Seminary, a graduate school in Littleton, Colorado. As a veteran online educator, Mr. Johnson’s goal is to support teachers transitioning to the online classroom and those who want […]

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This is a FREE one stop shop. The learning units explore diverse themes, which will help the learner to broaden his/her vocabulary. They follow the curriculum expectations in all subjects, which will help during report card season. This website attends to the needs of Core and Immersion FSL teachers, from Grade 4 to 8. In […]

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Défi de la citoyenneté

Présenté par Historica Canada, le Défi de la citoyenneté invite les Canadiens à mettre leurs connaissances de notre pays à l’épreuve, en passant un faux examen pour la citoyenneté en français ou en anglais, après avoir étudié en conséquence. Historica Canada offre des programmes que vous pouvez utiliser afin d’explorer, d’apprendre et de réfléchir à […]

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This sheet contains various activities to teach students about La Francophonie. The goals of these collaborative activities are to deepen the student’s knowledge of francophone countries and of La Francophonie as an international organization. Save to Board […]

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