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Storybooks Canada

Fantastic collection of stories for use by teachers. The stories are available in English, French and many other languages and it’s easy to switch from one language to another. You can also have the story read aloud in many languages. A great way to compare languages. Note that there are collections of African and Indigenous […]

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Welcoming ELL into FSL Programs

The speaker talks about research studies related to ELL students in FSL and shares research evidence (p. 8 of the document) that supports the participation of ELL students in FSL studies. Podcast duration 12:15, and companion book. See also: https://transformingfsl.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Welcoming-English-Language-Learners-into-French-as-a-Second-Language-Programs-Presentation-1.pdf Save to Board […]

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Phonetique – France

A website that is designed for French professors, teachers, linguistic lovers, instructor, etc. with detailed information on French phonetics, sound formation, phonemes, exercises on French phonetics, and PDFs that may be distributed to linguistic students as well. Since the website is more complex, it would be geared to those with intermediate to advanced level French […]

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Le Tchip

Le Tchip is a pop culture podcast created and hosted by Kévi Donat, François Oulac et Mélanie Wanga. Episodes also feature links to songs, articles, books or NetFlix series. Trois trentenaires sympas d’origine antillaise et africaine partagent leur culture afropop. Un regard noir sur l’actu et la pop-réflexion à retrouver un jeudi sur deux. Un […]

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HOW TO ENGAGE STUDENTS IN ZOOM AND TEACH EFFECTIVELY AT A DISTANCE / 2020 State of Engagement Report. Creating engaging learning experiences in traditional or digital classroom environments.

Two resources about student engagement in person and online. The podcast is 11 minutes long. The podcast: Aaron Johnson is Associate Dean of Educational Technology at Denver Seminary, a graduate school in Littleton, Colorado. As a veteran online educator, Mr. Johnson’s goal is to support teachers transitioning to the online classroom and those who want […]

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This podcast is for French-speaking Black women, and is hosted by Marty and Adama. Together they address women’s health, sexuality, well-being, and professional life. Lancé en janvier 2017, Exhale est le premier podcast à destination des femmes noires francophones. Co-animé par Marty et Adama, celles-ci prennent la parole sur des thématiques qui cultivent l’envie de […]

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