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Social media have enormous potential value for learning, formal and informal. Our task is to find ways to make them work for us. This book presents our speculations on the implications of the changes shaped by the ever-increasing use of social media in distance learning and the various shifts that may or should occur across […]

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Voyage en francophonie canadienne

Découvrez avec nous l’histoire fascinante du développement des communautés francophones du Canada, de ses origines jusqu’à aujourd’hui! On vous propose différentes façons de voyager : la carte interactive, la carte des écoles, la ligne du temps ou le livre d’histoire. Ce site interactif comprend quatre (4) sections complémentaires : Carte Interactive : 54 capsules géolocalisées […]

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Le laboratoire de journalisme de Radio-Canada. Un site avec quelques articles, mais majoritairement des vidéos afin de prendre l’information accessible. Save to Board […]

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Store » Classroom / Toys » French / français

French posters and games for kids that feature Indigenous art and Canadian content. A listing of French learning games and posters sold by Strong Nations. Some of the listings link directly to BC Core Competencies in education. Strong Nations is an online retailer and a publishing house located in Nanaimo, BC, specializing in Indigenous literature […]

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News In Slow French

News in Slow French is a website, but also an application that can be downloaded onto most devices, and utilized for news and language learning. There are a variety of different resources, texts, audio stories, guides, and lessons. Most of the content is free, however there are also subscription based options for additional features. News […]

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L’OIF en chiffres

This lesson plan allows students to enrich their knowledge of l’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie through various activities (video: 4mins 18sec). These activities will push students to practice their French comprehension and presentation skills by creating an oral presentation that focusses on and promotes one of the organization’s objectives. Save to Board […]

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Français L’actualité pour les jeunes propulsée par Radio-Canada vers les plateformes numériques comme YouTube et Instagram. Il y a des contenus drôles et sérieux, tous afin d’amorcer des discussions sur l’actualité English A news platform for young people supported by Radio-Canada using digital platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. There is funny and serious content […]

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Manger local, un casse-tête chinois

A French girl moves to Hong Kong and visits the market, where she finds products from around the world. This experience is very different from her home experience, where she usually eats local. Keywords: vocabulary-groceries, personal experience, geography Curriculum expectations: – Core French Grade 5: Expectation Listen to understand A1.1 Using Listening Comprehension Strategies. B1.4 […]

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