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Texts in French Featuring BIPOC For French as a Second Language Classes

We hope this slideshow will help you find texts that you can use in French as Second Language classrooms that feature BIPOC doing ordinary & extraordinary things, as well as texts that help in addressing colonialism, racism, and other oppressions. Accessibility Tips — Music Videos Featuring BIPOC — Colonialism/anti-colonialism/Environment/Migration — Racism/Anti-Racism/Feminism/Movements/Experiences with Migration — Featuring […]

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Social media have enormous potential value for learning, formal and informal. Our task is to find ways to make them work for us. This book presents our speculations on the implications of the changes shaped by the ever-increasing use of social media in distance learning and the various shifts that may or should occur across […]

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Teaching Core French Through the Arts

“This study is concerned with Grade nine applied level students’ attitudes toward learning French. The following paper provides an in-depth case study of one group of 18 students from a Core French class in a South-Western Ontario inner city high school. Specifically students’ attitudes toward learning French through the Arts were examined. Guided by the […]

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Second Language Teaching Resources – ETFO

The website includes a variety of links and resources, that include historical perspectives, anti-art racism resources, the language of circle and the power of story, equity for educators, Ontario Teacher Federation planning materials, French dialects, pronunciation guides, and more. The information presented offers resources for occasional teachers but also offers information for teachers who are […]

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Recycler pour mieux reconstruire – Le monde magique de Lorenzo

This sheet offers an activity aimed at getting children to be creative using recyclable materials to improve an object or invent a new object. To do after watching the Un croissant avec ça, La fuite d’eau et Le déchet créatif episodes from Le monde magique de Lorenzo series (each video is 7mins) Save to Board […]

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Le laboratoire de journalisme de Radio-Canada. Un site avec quelques articles, mais majoritairement des vidéos afin de prendre l’information accessible. Save to Board […]

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News In Slow French

News in Slow French is a website, but also an application that can be downloaded onto most devices, and utilized for news and language learning. There are a variety of different resources, texts, audio stories, guides, and lessons. Most of the content is free, however there are also subscription based options for additional features. News […]

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National Gallery of Canada – Musée des Beaux Arts du Canada

The National Gallery of Art website is the official website for National treasures and collections of art, officially recognized at the capital, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The National Art Gallery provides its content in both English and French, and provides resources for teachers, students, adults and families. Specific Resource for Teachers – The National Gallery […]

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