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L’influence du CECR en Ontario

À la fin de ce module, vous serez capable : de mieux comprendre l’influence du CECR dans l’éducation canadienne (avec une concentration sur les influences en Ontario), d’identifier les principes du CECR dans le curriculum du FLS adopté en 2013/2014, d’établir un lien clair entre le CECR et le curriculum ontarien, de comprendre pourquoi le […]

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The influence of the CEFR in Ontario

By the end of this module you will better understand the influence of the CEFR in Canadian education (primarily influences in Ontario), be able to identify CEFR principles in the revised FSL curriculum (2013/2014), be able to establish a clear link between the CEFR and the Ontario curriculum, understand why the framework is significant (where […]

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Le CECR au Canda: Une perspective historique

Ce module bilingue se concentre sur la relation historique entre le Cadre européen commun de référence pour les langues (CECR) et le contexte canadien. À la fin du module, vous allez mieux comprendre les principes historiques du CECR, vous serez capable d’identifier les théories et les tendances pédagogiques qui ont guidé la mise en œuvre […]

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The CEFR in Canada: Learning Modules

This 2 part series aims to deepen learners understanding of the CEFR in a Canadian context primarily through considering the historical context of the CEFR as well as the framework’s influence here in Canada and most specifically in Ontario. The first module will enable learners to gain a better understanding of some of the historical […]

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An excellent resource highlighting French literature for children and youth featuring Black authors and Black characters. Save to Board […]

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Tex’s French Grammar

A really good, clear and fun website describing grammar to FSL students in English. The grammar point is covered in enough details but it is not overwhelming. It also has application activities following each grammar point. Also a good website for any teacher/professor preparing a grammar lesson for a refresher or a way to divide […]

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