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H5P Activity for Counting Animals Story on Storybooks Canada

This is a link to a Lumi activity created for the story “Counting Animals” published on Storybooks Canada. The link to the story is https://www.storybookscanada.ca/stories/en/0327/. It is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY 4.0). The authors of the story are Zanele Buthelezi, Thembani Dladla and Clare Verbeek. The illustrations were done by Rob Owen. The […]

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An Annotated Bibliography of Resources for Teachers

This annotated bibliography is designed for Teachers to support them on their placements. In education, planning can take a great deal of time and often Teachers are spending too much time creating lessons from scratch. These resources are designed to help these Educators understand the readily available resources that can support their students. These resources […]

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Pente or Slope?: Using Student Voices to Explore Program Choice and Experiences in Secondary French Immersion Mathematics

This phenomenological study explores students’ decisionmaking about whether to remain in an optional French immersion (FI) mathematics course in Grade 11, as well as students’ subsequent experiences in their mathematics course of choice. “Survey data from FI students revealed that the main reasons for transferring from FI are quality of instruction, a perception of increased […]

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Social media have enormous potential value for learning, formal and informal. Our task is to find ways to make them work for us. This book presents our speculations on the implications of the changes shaped by the ever-increasing use of social media in distance learning and the various shifts that may or should occur across […]

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Voila Learning Mathematics

A descriptive list of math online resources and direct links for FSL students across Canada in grades K-12, as adapted by the British Columbia curriculum. Allows for differentiation in learning. According to the British Columbian curriculum, “Students learn by attaching meaning to what they do and need to construct their own meaning of mathematics. This […]

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Quizizz is a creativity software company used in class, group works, pre-test review, exams, unit test, and impromptu tests. It allows students and teachers to be online at the same time. Ideal for students from Grade 3 to 12. Great for Instructional Design, Game-Based Learning, Assessment, Formative Assessment. This is a good multiple-choice-style quiz tool […]

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This website offers resources for several subjects, games, quizzes, a real wealth of activities and assessments that will help teachers, parents and students. Lumni est la nouvelle offre de l’audiovisuel public au service de l’éducation pour les élèves, les enseignants et les éducateurs et qui regroupe tous les acteurs de l’audiovisuel public. Cette offre éducative […]

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Math Central

A website for Math learners of all ages created and maintained by professors Emeritus at the University of Regina’s Math Department. This site is available in English, French or Spanish and aims to address any math question from the K-12 curriculum and beyond the classroom. Math Central is an online service for math teachers and […]

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Jump Math

Jumpmath is a curriculum based tool originally designed for teachers but also has become a tool for parents wanting to give their child a boost in math. Grades K-8 in English and French, and designed for the French Immersion or Extended French classroom. Jumpmath provides extra help in math for students in English programs and […]

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