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Template Copyrights request – Modèle demandes droits d’auteur

If you are willing to ask permission to use a resource that is under Copyrights, you can use this template to send a request to the copyrights holders. Si vous souhaitez demander la permission pour utiliser une ressource soumise à des Copyrights, voici une modèle de demande à envoyer aux détenteurs des droits d’auteurs. Save […]

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The CEFR in Canada: A historical perspective

This module will focus on the historical relationship between the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the Canadian context. By the end of this module you will: Have a better understanding of some of the historical tenets of the CEFR; be able to identify pedagogical theories and trends that led to the […]

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Regional OER Guidelines: Cameroon (French)

This is a research by a group in Cameroon who studied the potential benefits of using Open Education Resources in their educational system. There are practical steps to achieve this goal. This resource is inspiring as it can be used as an example for other contexts. Save to Board […]

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Collection of Open and Free Professional Development Resources for FSL Educators

This is a growing, curated collection of open and free professional development resources for FSL educators, collated using the Zotero platform. Users can search and sort the database using the platform’s functionalities such as tags and themed folders. This collection can be used as a self-directed resource or during group professional development sessions whereby educators […]

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