Ontario Psychological Association Guidelines for Diagnosis and Assessment of Children, Adolescents, and Adults with Learning Disabilities

This document written by the Ontario Psychological Association provides information on the diagnosis of a learning disability in Ontario. The following topics are addressed: 1) History of academic impairment, 2) Developmental, health, educational or contextual factors, 3) Academic achievement, 4) Basic psychological and cognitive processes, 5) Abilities essential for thinking and reasoning, 6) Effort motivation, […]

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An Annotated Bibliography of Mental Health Resources for Educators

This resource is a great way for teachers learn more about mental health to further support their students. This provides video resources as well as Research resources that can provide Educators with an additional layer of information that will further support their student population. While our school communities become increasingly focused on Mental Health, this […]

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Understanding Learning Disabilities

This website explains how learning disabilities may impact a student’s learning in a classroom setting. It divides specific impairments into a chart to understand how cognitive processes are affected. Also, there is specific information regarding how LDs may impact students at an elementary school, high school, and post-secondary level. Save to Board […]

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