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Pathways Project

This is an OER platform that includes teaching resources for many languages including French. The resources can be used, recycled, remixed and republished. Save to Board […]

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Accompagnement au Guide d’apprentissage à distance pour les élèves ayant des besoins particuliers

Cette suite de documents est mise à disposition à travers un document PDF placé sous la licence Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA afin de permettre aux éducateurs.trices de la télécharger, de l’adapter à leur contexte d’enseignement, de la combiner avec d’autres ressources et de la partager facilement avec la communauté FLS/FLA. L’Accompagnement ci-présent se base principalement sur […]

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Storybooks Canada

Fantastic collection of stories for use by teachers. The stories are available in English, French and many other languages and it’s easy to switch from one language to another. You can also have the story read aloud in many languages. A great way to compare languages. Note that there are collections of African and Indigenous […]

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An Annotated Bibliography of Resources for Teachers

This annotated bibliography is designed for Teachers to support them on their placements. In education, planning can take a great deal of time and often Teachers are spending too much time creating lessons from scratch. These resources are designed to help these Educators understand the readily available resources that can support their students. These resources […]

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Liste d’articles – soutien langagier

Ce document fait partie de la synthèse créée par une équipe Camerise :https://h5pstudio.ecampusontario.ca/fr/content/31462 Ce document regroupe les articles consultés traitant le soutien langagier. Ce document est autorisé en vertu d’une Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0), sauf indication contraire. This document is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution  (CC BY 4.0), unless otherwise indicated. Save to Board […]

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