Discover, Collaborate, Create Change

Come to our hub and enjoy the contributions from FSL/FLA stakeholders, help nourish the transformation of the field with your energy, and be part of an ever blossoming community of practice.

Introducing Camerise Studio

Now you can create resources with H5P. You can make and edit interactive, educational content including videos, games, quizzes and more right from your web browser. Choose from countless templates, or build off existing resources. Share, view and curate resources with the Camerise Studio.

Grow & Create Change

Expand your personal and professional FSL/FLA network and spark innovation in your practice through:

  • Open Education
  • Inspired learning
  • Transformative professional development

Connect & Co‑Create

Connect with your peers and networks to co-create open resources, tools and practices that shape the future of inclusive knowledge in FSL/FLA and prepare students for the future!

Find a Mentor in Open Education

Looking for a mentor? We can help connect you with educators and stakeholders who can collaborate, guide and share their insights on FSL/FLA education.

Be a Mentor in Open Education

Looking to pay it forward? Help new teachers and aspiring educators by sharing your own professional experience in FSL/FLA education.

See What Your Colleagues Created With H5P

H5P is a versatile tool for creating highly interactive teaching resources. There are over 40 templates to start building from including timelines, flashcards and branching scenarios. H5P objects are easy to create and share because of their flexible HTML5 format.

Upcoming Events

Discover what is happening in the field of FSL/FLA. 

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