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Discover inspiring intersectoral partnerships fostered and designed by Camerise to bring to the fore multiple perspectives, competencies and voices on FSL/FLA programming and engage stakeholders in the co-creation of knowledge, educational products and tools to support and sustain a culture of sharing in FSL/FLA.

  1. Camerise Project Team, in partnership with ACUFC, facilitated pancanadian conversations across 6 faculties of education by co-designing 2 mini-symposia, 8 roundtables and 3 visio-conferences. These events gave the team members the opportunity to co-author webinars and instructional guides portraying inspiring practices that address the various challenges that currently impact pre and post-secondary FSL/FLA milieux across Canada.
  1. Camerise Project Team, in partnership with seven school boards, co-organized intersectorial conversations with educators, superintendents, French and language consultants, curriculum leads and trustees to co-author a continuum of implementation that will map and design the strategies and tools to support FSL/FLA leaders at school board or school level.
  1. Camerise Project Team, in partnership with CPF and the continuing education department at Glendon college (York University) matched instructional designers, educators, researchers and aspiring teachers to co-author a series of workshops to inform grade 9-12 and adult learners on career opportunities in French and FSL/FLA education. 
  1. As members of Camerise, educators, FSL/FLA consultants and curriculum leads can connect to view, pin and share resources collected in the boards they create to build their own collection of resources in the Camerise repertory and share these collections with peers and classes in their educational milieu. To learn more on how to use Camerise click here dashboard functionalities click here.

Find/Be a Mentor

The Camerise networking platform opens the possibility for diverse FSL/FLA stakeholders to connect with practitioners, researchers, aspiring teachers, junior educators and administrators. It provides a safe space for collaboration and professional connections.

Co-create/work on a project

Working on a FSL/FLA curricular activity? Writing a participatory research paper? Designing a professional AQ or webinar for aspiring curriculum leads or teachers? Organizing an extracurricular event to engage students, parents or caregivers in your school to advocate for FSL/FLA programming? 

Tell us more about your project by contacting us. We will facilitate your search for collaboration in the Camerise professional ecosystem.

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