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Grow & Create Change

Camerise aims to nurture life-long learning by bringing forward innovative practices in open pedagogy and open science. Through reflecting, responding and reframing, you can become an actor of change in FSL/FLA education.

On this page, you will discover more about the potential of Open Education and OER, explore ways in which other educators innovate in teaching, and learn more about opportunities to get involved and to lead transformative professional development.

Open science covers open data, open access and open education and promotes a culture of sharing of scholarly, pedagogical resources and tools.

Explore Open Science

Have you ever clicked a YouTube link to learn something new or read a Wikipedia entry?  You might be surprised to find that your favourite FSL/FLA YouTube videos, instructional guides for classroom activities or inspiring webinars for your professional development may actually be classified as an Open Education Resource (OER). OER(s) come in a variety of formats including textbooks, courses, multimedia, streaming video, data, tools, and supplementary materials.

The increasing demand for content sharing, co-authoring, peer assessment of knowledge products has created an advocacy for authoring practices that remove barriers to access of educational resources and improve quality of education around the world (UNESCO Recommendation on OER, 2019).

Repertories such as Camerise can foster greater engagement among FSL/FLA educators, researchers, parents and caregivers, educational leads, policy makers and tool developers who wish to increase access to OERs and Open scholarship with the goal to support students and educators’ success in their teaching and learning of French.

By engaging in Open Science, Camerise stakeholders and users can pioneer the  transformation and regenerate the FSL/FLA education ecosystem and its scholarship.

grow and create change

To learn more, listen to the UBC series on Open Dialogues: How to engage and support learners in Open Pedagogies

To learn more, watch this excerpt from a thematic video on OER developed by UNESCO (October 2021) at the Ministerial Forum on Open Educational Resources (OER) and Development in West Africa and the Sahel.

Inspired Learning

Feeling isolated because of the pandemic or remote teaching? Do you wish for more collaboration with other educators?  Are you interested in learning about activities that will immerse you in the five experiences of the Camerise platform: co-research, co-organization, co-writing, co-teaching and coaching? Then dive into the collaborative future of FSL/FLA with these stories.

Adam Smit

What is leadership? What is coaching? We all know what it means but are we practicing them well? Discover how to live these experiences on Coaching with Adam Smit.

Transformative  Professional Development for FSL/FLA Educators

Discover open educational training resources developed by Camerise and aggregated from other OER hubs, assess them and re-use them to create change and expand your professional network.

To learn more, access the Camerise curated collection of lesson plans and teachers’ tip sheets on how to motivate students, integrate intercultural competence and understand plurilingual education, etc.

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