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Camerise aims to nurture life-long learning by bringing forward innovative practices in open pedagogy and open science. Through reflecting, responding and reframing, you can become an actor of change in FSL/FLA education.

On this page, you will discover more about the potential of Open Education and OER, explore ways in which other educators innovate in teaching, and learn more about opportunities to get involved and to lead transformative professional development.

Open science covers open data, open access and open education and promotes a culture of sharing of scholarly, pedagogical resources and tools.

Explore Open Science

Have you ever clicked a YouTube link to learn something new or read a Wikipedia entry?  You might be surprised to find that your favourite FSL/FLA YouTube videos, instructional guides for classroom activities or inspiring webinars for your professional development may actually be classified as an Open Education Resource (OER). OER(s) come in a variety of formats including textbooks, courses, multimedia, streaming video, data, tools, and supplementary materials.

The increasing demand for content sharing, co-authoring, peer assessment of knowledge products has created an advocacy for authoring practices that remove barriers to access of educational resources and improve quality of education around the world (UNESCO Recommendation on OER, 2019).

Repertories such as Camerise can foster greater engagement among FSL/FLA educators, researchers, parents and caregivers, educational leads, policy makers and tool developers who wish to increase access to OERs and Open scholarship with the goal to support students and educators’ success in their teaching and learning of French.

By engaging in Open Science, Camerise stakeholders and users can pioneer the  transformation and regenerate the FSL/FLA education ecosystem and its scholarship.

grow and create change

To learn more, listen to the UBC series on Open Dialogues: How to engage and support learners in Open Pedagogies

To learn more, watch this excerpt from a thematic video on OER developed by UNESCO (October 2021) at the Ministerial Forum on Open Educational Resources (OER) and Development in West Africa and the Sahel.

See What Your Colleagues Created With H5P

H5P is a versatile tool for creating highly interactive teaching resources. There are over 40 templates to start building from including timelines, flashcards and branching scenarios. H5P objects are easy to create and share because of their flexible HTML5 format.

Inspired Learning

Are you passionate about crafting dynamic, accessible learning experiences? Join the vibrant community of FSL and ESL educators revolutionizing language teaching with Open Educational Resources (OER).

  • Embark on a Unique Journey: Discover the Creating Accessible Interactive OER with H5P for Language Teaching (FSL and ESL) course, a pioneering adventure into open and inclusive education designed specifically for Ontario’s FSL and ESL educators. This self-paced, two-module course is your gateway to mastering the art of creating and sharing impactful, accessible teaching resources
  • Collaborate, Share, Inspire: Connect with educators across Ontario and the Francophonie, exchanging valuable resources and strategies to fuel student success and invigorate FSL programs.
  • Learn, Create, Certify: Dive deep into repurposing OER and crafting accessible interactive content. Achieve course completion and earn your certificate from York University.
  • Meet the Minds Behind the Magic: Tune into the Camerise YouTube channel for exclusive insights from our course facilitators. Explore the course alongside them and become part of an educational revolution!

Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Canadian Heritage, and supported by York University, our two-module course stands on the forefront of language teaching evolution.

Join us know and transform the way we teach and learn languages.

This course is released with CC BY SA 4.0 License.

Dominique G Scheffel-Dunand

Sushumna Rao

Asynchronous Professional Development on Open Education For K-12 FSL/FLA Educators


  • Discover our free, self-paced digital PD DEVENIR AUTEUR.E D’UNE RÉL AU SEIN DE VOTRE CONSEIL SCOLAIRE (only available in French), specially designed for primary and secondary FSL teachers. 
  • Over the course of 4 modules (approximate time commitment 4 hours), master the principles of open education and learn to create Open Educational Resources (OER) for your context with our 6-step method (Parcours RÉL Camerise).

  • Parcours RÉL Camerise: By following the 6 steps, you can assign the logo “Parcours RÉL Camerise” – a standard of quality –  to your OER before publishing it. The logo is available for download in the Camerise toolkit (see below).


Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Canadian Heritage, and supported by York University, our two-module course stands on the forefront of language teaching evolution.

This MINI-course is realsied with CC BY NC SA 4.0 License.

Muriel Péguret

Pauline Le Bot

Mirela Cherciov

The Camerise ToolKit

We have put together a toolkit to assist and guide you through the 6-step OER creation process. Check-out the Trousse RÉL Camerise toolkit and add the link to your favorites now!

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