Tools for Open Education

You want to hone your collaborative skills? Learn about many available tools for collaboration that will enhance your team work, facilitate conversation and help you find support.

Camerise is providing you with an ever-growing list of useful tools. If you want to share a tool that YOU personally use and find useful for your collaborative endeavours, please click below.

The Camerise ToolKit

We have put together a toolkit to assist and guide you through the 6-step OER creation process. Check-out the Trousse RÉL Camerise toolkit and add the link to your favorites now!

New platform of digital educational resources for students and educators in the networked post secondary sector.

The fabriqueREL (open educational resources) is a joint project of the Université de Sherbrooke, the Université de Montréal and the Université Laval carried out within the framework of a mandate granted in 2019 by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur and the Plan d’action numérique en éducation et en enseignement supérieur. It is supported by the teaching and academic support units and library services of the three partners.

H5P is a free and open source tool to create, modify and share responsive interactive content while empowering everyone to create rich and interactive web experiences. 


A desktop application that allows you to create, edit, view and share interactive content with dozens of different content types. It’s free and open source.

A free and open website to start co-creating OER with colleagues all over Canada

Push any number of slides to an entire folder of student presentations making distribution of new materials quick and easy.  Integrates with the folder structure of Google Classroom to send your slides directly into students’ existing presentations.

Creation software for Arts Lesson plans 


To create or co-create with your team presentations, infographics and educational content. 

A mobile application to find, exchange and trade teaching materials with other educators.

The H5P OER Hub

To create or co-create with your team presentations, infographics and educational content. 

eCampusOntario provides infrastructure, training and tools for post-secondary institutions across Ontario interested in learning more about Open Education.

The following projects were created by an interdisciplinary group of students enrolled in the Pathways VIP (Vertically Integrated Project) course or an experiential learning internship with the World Languages Resource Center (WLRC)

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Camerise is an initiative run by a group of teachers and professors from across Canada who are looking to encourage French language learners and teachers.

To use the Camerise Studio, simply create a free account. You’ll then have access to all published Camerise resources. You can create, collect and share resources. You can even connect with people in your organization through the Hub.

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