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Become a Partner

How to get involved and become a partner with Camerise 

Right now, more than 150 educators, consultants, administrators, researchers, as well as 5 organizations are working with Camerise to address the challenges FSL/FLA stakeholders face such as: recruitment, retention of educators and students, collaboration across communities of practice, co-creation and sharing of resources, practices and expertise as well as supporting inclusion and diversity for all learners.

As a professional network and ecosystem Camerise members are consulting, writing recommendations, designing resources, facilitating initiatives that support collaboration and leadership in the field. Their work is aligned with Camerise’s core values, such as student and Educators’ success, collaboration and sustainability of FSL/FLA teaching, learning and research in Canada and beyond.

At Camerise, we nurture connections and your voice is important to the Camerise’s community. Get involved as a FSL/FLA partner or as a partner organization and we will be happy to welcome you in our ecosystem of “Camerises” (haskaps).

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Our Partners

Below is a list of the current partner organization of Camerise

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Apply to Become a Partner

Explore the Camerise community partner ecosystem.

If you are interested in becoming a Camerise partner as an institution or individual, please provide us with your information below.  

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