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On apprend avec TikTok !

Une base de données de vidéos courtes en français bien classifiées pour les retrouver facilement, parfois avec des activités proposées pour les exploiter en classe ! Save to Board […]

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Collection of Open and Free Professional Development Resources for FSL Educators

This is a growing, curated collection of open and free professional development resources for FSL educators, collated using the Zotero platform. Users can search and sort the database using the platform’s functionalities such as tags and themed folders. This collection can be used as a self-directed resource or during group professional development sessions whereby educators […]

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This learning unit explores how poverty, itinerance, violence, etc. are a reality in the lives of many Canadian women, especially indigenous women. The author suggests it can be taught from grade 7 to 12, and the learning unit comprehends 3 lessons of 60 minutes each. Save to Board […]

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This unit has 4 classes of 60 minutes each, for grades 7 to 12. Students learn about the history of Yugoslavia and at the same time on how to become activists in their own environment. Save to Board […]

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