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Helpful tips to support French as a second language learners

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Publisher:  Canadian Parents for French, Ontario chapter with the financial support of the Ministry of Education

Hosted by:  on.cpf.ca

Submitted by:  yorkfsl

Date Submitted:  April 12, 2021

Language of Resource: English

Resource Type: Software

Media Format: Website

This is a comprehensive list of resources for parents, learners and educators on how to support FSL students in French Immersion, Extended, or Core French programs. Information on how to help with homework as a non-French speaker, whether FSL is for students with special needs, peer literacy tutoring, and information for FSL high school students on student exchanges, internships, volunteer work and contests.
A complete list of resources for parents and FSL learners. Begins with a parent engagement video in English on how to support your child in French Second Language (FSL) programs, Kindergarten to Grade 8: Core French, Extended French and French Immersion. This is followed by a series of tip sheets on how to support your child in French Immersion, Extended, or Core French programs. In addition, a step-by-step guide on organizing a parent workshop has been developed to assist school councils in providing a platform for parents to connect with school and community partners to support their child’s French education.

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Education Level: Kindergarten

Subject(s): French Language

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