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Planning Board-wide Cultural Experiences in FSL: A Guide for School Board FSL Consultants

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Author:  Danielle Hunter and Mirela Cherciov

Hosted by:  docs.google.com

Submitted by:  Michael

Date Submitted:  December 22, 2023

Language of Resource: English

Resource Type: Learning Object

Media Format: Website

The purpose of this Guide is to provide support to School Board FSL Consultants interested in planning pre-recorded, interactive cultural experiences for their schools. These experiences are intended to build intercultural awareness and appreciation among FSL students while building proficiency in the language. In addition to the event with the personality, an FSL Cultural Experience also includes the creation of content for educators to use in their classrooms, which can extend the overall experience for students significantly.
You can check resources developed for previous FSL cultural experiences: https://camerisefsl.ca/resources/serie-dexperiences-culturelles-pour-les-eleves-en-programmes-fls-fsl-cultural-experiences-series/

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Subject(s): French Language, Education

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