Les cartes d’exercices pour l’activité physique indépendante

Ces cartes d’activités sont excellentes pour les cours d’éducation physique de juniors, intermédiaires et supérieurs. Avec des activités différentes pour chaque carte, les étudiants peuvent utiliser ces cartes pour être plus actives. C’est une bonne façon de faire un parti d’un cours d’éducation physique. Save to Board […]

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Exercise Cards for Individual Physical Activity

This resource is a great way to keep students active independently in the Physical Education Environment. By cutting out the cards, students can read their particular exercise. This is designed for Junior, Intermediate and Senior students as they can use this independently or in small groups. This can be used as a warm up, cool […]

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Tex’s French Grammar

A really good, clear and fun website describing grammar to FSL students in English. The grammar point is covered in enough details but it is not overwhelming. It also has application activities following each grammar point. Also a good website for any teacher/professor preparing a grammar lesson for a refresher or a way to divide […]

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