52 Livres pour denoncer le racisme / Bibliographie du Centre national de la littérature pour la jeunesse

Depuis 1966, le 21 mars a été proclamé par l’Assemblée générale des Nations Unies, « Journée internationale pour l’élimination de la discrimination raciale ». Dans cette perspective, cette bibliographie propose une sélection d’ouvrages, majoritairement récents, qui, d’une manière ou d’une autre, dénoncent le racisme. Includes age recommendations. Le racisme Des livres contre le racism — […]

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Jennifer Gonzalez shares six very useful tech tools to help teachers and students. Tools range from assessment, social-justice and anti-racism education, presentation, media literacy, and even how to identify unbiased news. Jennifer Gonzales shares useful tools and videos tutorials for each tool. Mote (link #2) is a Google Chrome extension that lets you add voice […]

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A framework for French as a second language in Ontario schools, Kindergarten to grade 12 / Cadre stratégique pour l’apprentissage du français langue seconde dans les écoles de l’Ontario de la maternelle à la 12e année

Beginning with explaining the benefits of FSL learning and the Ministry of Ontario Framework for French as a second language, this online guidebook addresses many frequent questions parents of students in FSL have. A review of the latest research on FSL pedagogy is also provided, including how FSL impacts first language skills. A French online […]

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This sheet contains various activities to teach students about La Francophonie. The goals of these collaborative activities are to deepen the student’s knowledge of francophone countries and of La Francophonie as an international organization. Save to Board […]

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ACCESSING OPPORTUNITY / A study on challenges in French-as-a-second-language education teacher supply and demand in Canada.

One of the main responsibilities of the Commissioner of Official Languages of Canada (the Commissioner) is to promote linguistic duality in Canadian society. To help meet this responsibility, the Commissioner raises Canadians’ awareness of the benefits of linguistic duality and carries out research, studies and public awareness activities to help inform all Canadians of the […]

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Africa2020 : sélection de ressources

A combination of subject content, film, music, and the arts aiming to educate French Immersion learners from age 9 to 19, as well as intermediate and secondary Core French students. They are up to date, culture rich primary resources that will help the learner understand and value the African diversity. (Grades 3 -8) Mathématiques, arts […]

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