Prononciation : les finales muettes dans les verbes

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Publisher:  TV5MONDE

Author:  Briet, Geneviève

Hosted by:

Submitted by:  yorkfsl

Date Submitted:  April 12, 2021

Language of Resource: French

Resource Type: Video

Media Format: Website

Description: Learn to pronounce the ends of the verbs (Je crois, tu vois, il faut, etc.). Additionally, learn about eco-tourism and some tourist cities in France, and French geography. Keywords: pronunciation, verb pronunciation, French tourism, eco-tourism. Réflexion personnelle: Pourquoi est-il meilleur pour la planète si les gens font le tourisme local?
Duration of two videos:.49″ and 1′:30. Learner outcomes: word ending pronunciation and writing for different audiences.
Vocabulary and expressions: Tiens!, la fête à fond, se promener, dormir, ne ratez pas, c’est mignon. Curriculum expectations:
Core French Grade 6:
– Listening – A2.3 Metacognition: (b) identify their areas of greater and lesser strength as listeners, and plan steps they can take to improve their listening skills.
Students will share their strategical plan that helped them pronounce the ends of the words according to the videos.
– Speaking – B1.2 Producing Oral Communications: using familiar words and expressions, produce brief, rehearsed messages in French containing ideas and information about themselves, family, friends, and their environment, with contextual, auditory, and visual support (e.g., describe popular leisure activities in a particular region; describe how they are caring for the planet by being environmentally friendly).
Students will create a video, PowerPoint, or Prezi presentation where they will talk about eco-tourism in Canada; they will focus on the pronunciation of the word endings. They can also compare summer festivals in Canada and in France and share through the same media.
Core French Grade 7
– Speaking: B2.2 Interacting: engage in a variety of guided spoken interactions with their peers and the teacher, using familiar sentence structures and expressions, with teacher modelling and support as appropriate. B1.3 Speaking with Fluency: speak with a smooth pace, appropriate intonation, and accurate pronunciation in rehearsed communications about personal and familiar topics.
– Reading: Reading Comprehension – C1.4 developing vocabulary
Students read the video transcriptions and have a small group discussion about the text. Examples of questions: Aimerais tu dormir dans des cabanes? Pourquoi est-ce que les cabanes sont localisées dans les arbres?
When speaking focus on the word endings
D1.1 Identifying Purpose and Audience: determine, with support from the teacher, their purpose in writing and the audience for French texts they plan to create.
Using new vocabulary create a brochure for each tourist attraction. List the pros and cons of international tourism, on a T-chart) to share with the class. Write a skit to show advantages and disadvantages of eco-tourism.

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Program(s): Core French, Immersion, Late Immersion

Education Level: 6, 7

Subject(s): French Language

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