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A Continuum of Considerations for Leaders in FSL Programs

This continuum is a tool to guide leaders in French as a Second Language (FSL) programs. It can be used to determine strengths and next steps to overcome systemic barriers in FSL in various contexts. There are also resources listed to support growth within each component. Cette ressource est placée sous la licence Creative Commons […]

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Critical Perspectives of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): An introduction to the framework

This two-part professional development series deals with data collected via online surveys and interviews with a small research sample of 6 different experts in the field concerning opinions, uses and critical approaches to the CEFR, specifically as it relates to teacher candidates. This series will cover a variety of discussions surrounding the practical application of […]

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Le Projet de Passion – Le Guide D’animation

Si vous êtes intéressé à enseigner à votre classe les compétences de recherche en FLS, ce guide d’animation est pour vous ! Il écrit les liens entre le curriculum de l’Ontario et le Projet de Passion créé par Camerise. Ainsi que, il donne une explication détaillée sur l’atelier et il donne des instructions et ressources […]

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Ask Me Anything: Core French

This is the second session in an online webinar series launched in response to data collected in a larger 3-year study on FSL Recruitment and Retention conducted by Dr. Stephanie Arnott and Dr. Mimi Masson at the University of Ottawa and Dr. Muriel Peguret and Dr. Gail Prasad at York University. This panel features 2 […]

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