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Social media have enormous potential value for learning, formal and informal. Our task is to find ways to make them work for us. This book presents our speculations on the implications of the changes shaped by the ever-increasing use of social media in distance learning and the various shifts that may or should occur across […]

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Quizizz is a creativity software company used in class, group works, pre-test review, exams, unit test, and impromptu tests. It allows students and teachers to be online at the same time. Ideal for students from Grade 3 to 12. Great for Instructional Design, Game-Based Learning, Assessment, Formative Assessment. This is a good multiple-choice-style quiz tool […]

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French posters and games for kids that feature Indigenous art and Canadian content. A listing of French learning games and posters sold by Strong Nations. Some of the listings link directly to BC Core Competencies in education. Strong Nations is an online retailer and a publishing house located in Nanaimo, BC, specializing in Indigenous literature […]

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News In Slow French

News in Slow French is a website, but also an application that can be downloaded onto most devices, and utilized for news and language learning. There are a variety of different resources, texts, audio stories, guides, and lessons. Most of the content is free, however there are also subscription based options for additional features. News […]

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Les Décrypteurs

Un site-web qui traque les fausses informations qui se propagent sur les réseaux sociaux pour lutter contre la désinformation. Les Décrypteurs sont membres du International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN). Save to Board […]

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Français L’actualité pour les jeunes propulsée par Radio-Canada vers les plateformes numériques comme YouTube et Instagram. Il y a des contenus drôles et sérieux, tous afin d’amorcer des discussions sur l’actualité English A news platform for young people supported by Radio-Canada using digital platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. There is funny and serious content […]

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Le bus magique

Dans cette série animée basée sur les livres de Joanna Cole et Bruce Degen, une classe d’enfants enthousiastes et curieux, chaperonnés par un professeur énergique, embarque à bord d’un autobus magique pour d’extraordinaires sorties éducatives. Le monde de la nature se transforme pour eux en un drôle de laboratoire de sciences. Chaque épisode visite un […]

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Inventaire d’outils TIC et de ressources éducatives ouvertes

Bienvenus dans l’inventaire d’outils en ligne, disponibles gratuitement, et de ressources éducatives libres d’accès pour l’enseignement des langues et de l’apprentissage mis au point dans le cadre du projet TIC-REV! Cet inventaire comprend une compilation d’outils qui ont été évalués en tenant compte de solides critères pédagogiques. Bienvenus dans l’inventaire d’outils en ligne, disponibles gratuitement, […]

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How a second language can boost the brain: Being bilingual benefits children as they learn to speak –and adults as they age

Several studies on the impact of learning a second language are examined, from children to older adults who are experiencing degenerative brain functions. Cognitive benefits stemming from changes in brain matter throughout ones life have been found to suggest being bilingual compensates for brain deterioration caused by Alzheimers and other dementia. This article highlights the […]

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