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Les Accents

Through the exploration of French and English accents in Canada and around the world, students engage in insightful discussions, learn vocabulary and phrases to navigate misunderstandings in conversation, and create posters advocating for linguistic equality. Save to Board […]

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Série d’expériences culturelles pour les élèves en programmes FLS / FSL Cultural Experiences Series

Les pages de ce site web mettent à la disposition des enseignant.e.s des ressources pédagogiques liées à la francophonie (leçons, vidéos, fiches d’évaluation, articles, balados) dans le but de préparer les élèves à vivre une expérience culturelle conçue autour d’une personnalité francophone. Pour organiser une expérience culturelle dans votre Conseil, veuillez nous écrire à learn@camerisefsl.ca. […]

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Sharing Holiday Traditions in the Classroom

This is an Edutopia article about sharing holiday traditions in the classroom to get to know your classmates. It provides questions students can ask each other. The questions are easy to translated (e.g., your favourite pastime?, Do you play sports?). It also suggests a game and how to incorporate academic goals to the activity. Save […]

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Teaching FSL through Intercultural Competence (IC)

This resource explains what is Intercultural competence (IC) and why it should be incorporated in FSL teaching. It explains the three parts of a lesson that promotes IC and gives you an example of how to add an intercultural component to a regular lesson. Finally, this document also shows how a teacher can adapt a […]

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Claire et son grand-père

A book with audio clip, activities, expectations, opportunity to have a cultural exchange with an indigenous school. For grades 3 to 6 Save to Board […]

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