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CEFR scenarios

A series of lessons inspired by the action-oriented approach aligned with A1 and A2 levels for French as a Second Language Save to Board […]

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Creating Accessible Interactive OER with H5P for Language Teaching (FSL and ESL)

This Camerise course is developed by the Camerise Project at York University is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education and by Canadian Heritage. This free massively open online course (MOOC) focuses on the foundations and contemporary challenges of open, inclusive and accessible education in pre-university and higher education in Ontario. It mobilizes an approach […]

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Créer des REL interactives et accessibles pour l’enseignement des langues (FLS et ASL)

Ce cours est développé par le projet Camerise de l’Université York (Canada) est financé par le ministère de l'éducation de l'Ontario et par Patrimoine canadien. porte sur les fondements et enjeux contemporains de l’éducation ouverte, les pédagogies inclusives et accessibles en enseignement pré-universitaire et supérieur en Ontario. Il mobilise une approche centrée sur les valeurs […]

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Intercultural Competence in FSL: A Teacher Practical Collaboration Envisioning a Change of Action in French Teaching and Learning

This course aims to promote a better understanding of the role of interculturality in FSL teaching and learning. The content is structured around widely recognised theoretical concepts and proposes practical applications. While the course is geared primarily towards FSL teachers in Ontario, the content can benefit language educators everywhere. Save to Board […]

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Practical Interculturality through the Funds of Knowledge Strategy in FSL

The objective of this resources is to illustrate concrete ways in which Funds of Knowledge (FKN) can be promoted and integrated in French as a Second Language (FSL) teaching and learning through pedagogical practices that foster inclusion for diverse students and value their communities by connecting classroom learning to lived experiences. Save to Board […]

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