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L’arbre qui voulait être entendu – Fiche pédagogique

La ressource s’adresse au personnel enseignant qui cherche à exploiter le livre de façon pédagogique en classe avec leurs élèves, individuellement ou en groupe. Par exemple : – examiner des éléments clés de la page couverture; – bâtir un mur de mots liés aux arbres; – discuter de l’intendance environnementale, des saisons et de la […]

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Activité interactive sur les fruits tropicaux (accompagnement de ressource)

Pour accompagner la ressource créée par Taciana de Lira e Silva intitulée LES FRUITS TROPICAUX – TROPICAL FRUIT – GRADES 3 – 6 IMMERSION, AND GRADES 6 – 8 CORE FRENCH et présente ici https://camerisefsl.ca/resources/les-fruits-tropicaux-tropical-fruit-grades-3-6-immersion-and-grades-6-8-core-french/, j’ai créé une petite activité interactive en utilisant H5P. Celle-ci permet de mener une démarche réflexive et faire naître les […]

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Engagement or Despondence? Ontario Middle-School Core French Teachers’ Perceptions of and Experiences with the 2013 Ontario French as a Second Language Curriculum

This resource looks at the implementation of the revised Ontario French as a Second Language curriculum in 2014. It brings in perspectives of FSL teachers and sheds light on how some aspects of the curriculum are in satisfactory to students – in core, immersion, extended programs – learning abilities. It also explores how there should […]

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Sharing Holiday Traditions in the Classroom

This is an Edutopia article about sharing holiday traditions in the classroom to get to know your classmates. It provides questions students can ask each other. The questions are easy to translated (e.g., your favourite pastime?, Do you play sports?). It also suggests a game and how to incorporate academic goals to the activity. Save […]

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French Immersion At-Risk Students: A Review of Research Evidence

This research report highlights the needs of special learners within a French Immersion classroom. It explores how students struggling to read not only in their first language but also in the French language have difficulties in a French Immersion program. The research from this study prompted further questions as to how educational policies must be […]

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