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To What Extent are Canadian Second Language Policies Evidence-Based? Reflections on the Intersections of Research and Policy

This article focuses on four major Canadian policies: The Core French and Immersion program for non-native French speakers, policies surrounding immigrant language learners, heritage teaching and learning disabilities. This article sheds light on how these educational policies can be implemented in order to better meet the needs of language learners and to ensure that all […]

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Inclusionary Practises in French Immersion: A Need to Link Research to Practise

This article sheds light on the inequities in the French Immersion Program. It explores key issues such as access to language support, retention, educational support for teachers with students with learning disabilities in their classroom etc for students with learning disabilities. It focuses on how these key issues can be addressed so that language learners […]

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Dyslexia in the Classroom

This article focuses on the struggles of a student with dyslexia in the French Immersion program. The article sheds light on how parents and teachers must be in constant communication and devise a learning plan for the student in order for them to progress at an appropriate speed and ultimately succeed in learning two languages. […]

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Sharing Holiday Traditions in the Classroom

This is an Edutopia article about sharing holiday traditions in the classroom to get to know your classmates. It provides questions students can ask each other. The questions are easy to translated (e.g., your favourite pastime?, Do you play sports?). It also suggests a game and how to incorporate academic goals to the activity. Save […]

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French Immersion At-Risk Students: A Review of Research Evidence

This research report highlights the needs of special learners within a French Immersion classroom. It explores how students struggling to read not only in their first language but also in the French language have difficulties in a French Immersion program. The research from this study prompted further questions as to how educational policies must be […]

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Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Novice French as a Second Language Teachers: A Case Study of Ontario Teachers

Tous les participants étaient les enseignants du français-cadre ou d’immersion (1er à 8e année). Ils étaient dans leurs premières 3 années d’enseignement. Cette étude examine la confiance des enseignants dans leur pédagogie de L2, leurs compétences linguistiques et leurs connaissances culturelles. L’étude montre que les enseignants du FLS aux écoles primaires en Ontario « ne […]

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Points of departure: Developing the knowledge base of ESL and FLS teachers for K-12 programs in canada.

Cet article soulève le problème d’insécurité linguistique en examinant la formation des enseignants en L2 (soit anglais langue seconde ou FLS), les connaissances de la langue des enseignants, les compétences d’enseignement, les compétences de communication et la compétence linguistique et les connaissances du sujet. Cet article donne des recommandations aux programmes d’éducation pour améliorer la […]

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